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Self Guided Kayak Tours

A self-guided kayak tour is a great way to explore the beautiful Noosa River.

Grab your adventure mate and set off on a magical kayak exploration at your own pace.  The Noosa River mouth estuary is one of Australia’s best kept secrets for exploring by kayak.  Discover hidden mangrove corridors at high tide, and sandflats alive with soldier crabs and wading birds as the tide falls.  We will provide tips and point out river features and hazards to help keep you safe on your own adventures.

A self-guided tour includes all gear needed, our touring kayaks are fast and stable with steering and backrests.  We will also provide you with a map and information sheet on the wildlife you can expect to see on the river.

The best time to paddle on the river and see more wildlife is early to mid-morning.  The wind does tend to increase after 11.30 am.

Mangroves & Mansions Kayak Adventure

Noosa Paddle Sports “Mangroves and Mansions” kayak tour offers you the most unique perspective of the Noosa River and inlets.  You will hear tales of the waterways and the natural landscape along the way and invite you to have your senses wide open for this most incredible paddling adventure.

Meeting at the Noosa Paddles Sports shop along the beautiful Noosa River, guests will be greeted on arrival and given a secure place to store valuables or extra items. 

The tour starts with a safety briefing, an overview of the kayaks, and a paddling lesson on the beach.  The kayaks we use are extremely stable Cabanero sit-on-top double kayaks with rudders which makes them easy to steer and perfect for a cruise around Noosa. 

Where the beauty of the natural world and the man-made world meet!

We start off with a paddle downstream to check out all the action along the river keeping an eye out for the unique bird life along the way.  The tour continues into the stunning Noosa Sound, home to beautiful sailboats and waterfront mansions!  We will soak up the scenery as we glide along past some of Noosa’s priciest real-estate and then slip under the bridge into the Lions Park area.  Keeping an eye out for the incredible wildlife, this part of the tour takes you along-side beautiful mangroves and past more impressive homes giving you a close-up view of a side of Noosa only visible from the water.  

Your guide will share some stories and insights along the way and you’ll have the opportunity for a short break and lots of photo ops.  Our tour continues under the Noosa Parade bridge before re-entering the river as we make our way back to the start point.  What an incredible way to sight-see the waterways of Noosa and get a bit of fitness at the same time!

Heading out on a double ski with Sharlene or Andy is an experience to remember. The double ski makes it possible for new paddlers to get out of the river, into Laguna bay and around the Noosa headland and national park. Building the skills to do this in a single ski can take years but it’s possible to experience it early in your paddling journey in a double ski with Sharlene or Andy. As well as the beauty of the ocean and coastline, dolphins, whales and catching waves are often on the agenda. GoPro footage is captured to show your friends and relive the adventure.

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